IF YOU LIKED any of my  posts in this blog, you’ll know my style.

IF YOU LIKED my style (not everyone does) you may just like my book. Read on …

No-one I  sent the MS to liked it enough to publish it. Yet I like it—it’s a bit risqué in places but without exceeding the bounds of good taste; and it poses both answers and questions to some of the deepest philosophical issues of mankind. Wow.

But enough of my bragging, why not go there and take a beak at it yourself? Quite safe (it’s within WordPress), entirely free, and in a pdf format.

In brief: a Valkyrie is tasked by Odin with prevention of the Ragnarok. Given that Ragnarok is inevitable, she has a wee bit of a problem …


  • never wondered if Victorian era German doctors were as celibate as your local priesthood?
  • Did King Arthur ever make it to Avalon, was Troy really sacked?
  • What did the dread pirate Blackbeard and the mighty Achilles have in common?
  • Was Fenris ever a pup? And who was Sondra, anyway?
  • How it all will end—?




Ragnarok or Bust



—my book is a pdf, somewhat amateurish perhaps, but free:


ROB for PD

NOW GET THEE HENCE (and enjoy)~!


(And what the hell is a ‘Sleipnir’?)



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