Photo Challenge

WPC Challenge for week 8 — 15 May 2015


Hoo boy~! Another toughie, one screaming out for twisted interpretation and bent rules. So be it …


Perhaps not.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.38.29But human imagination (pay attention, there’ll be more in this vein later on) can and often does, and where it fails in deed it stars in concept.

It wouldn’t be hard to interpret this image (<– left) as a piccie of someone’s dear departed from about a hundred years ago. It’s been done before, I tell you … but all I see is a bunch of fungal weeds alichened unto a portrait. Ouch. Moving on (yes please-Ed)


wherein the mind plays tricks by telling the eye it’s seeing things that aren’t really there—quite recently in a blog I posted an image of what looked to be a boney fido Flying Saucer type UFO thing.

The NZ Flying Saucer Society people were happy to accept my snap for anlysis, and after waaaaaay too long the verdict came back to the effect “it might be a bird” and who would I be to argue with experts? But with all the tools and ambition at my disposable there was no way I could see that blob as a bird. Or as the planet Venus, or a sheet of newspaper blowing like easy answers in the wind. But ’nuff on that, today I hoofed along the Invercargill Estuary whilst The Spouse was doing womanly things in the bargain boutiques and bazaars.


my adventures along the banks opposite the airport I saw a plane taking off. Never one to refuse a challenge I snapped its progress. Well and good, but when I looked at the images on my computer I was intrigued enough to blow some up—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 17.24.04

—and in one of them a wee blob that I hadn’t noticed when snapping. Look closely at my possibly over-exposed shot, and now track down to the bottom right-hand corner.

Brrr …

Feeling a wee bit unsettled I was relieved to find two others. I was even more relieved when The Spouse suggested it may have been raining at the time, and wasn’t my camera angled upwards? Aaaaaah …

… bummer.

But methinks she has a good point. Okay, so it’s an older camera, almost full zoom, and was focussed on that speeding aircraft. So if that actually was a raindrop on the lens … would it have been such a nice capture? I don’t know (and the romantic in me would much prefer UFO anyway).


progress you’ll know that it’s great fun to play around with peoples’ perceptions. So here’s a wee shot showing how the forces of nature can convert a flooded foreground vacant lot into something quite different—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 20.22.23

—which if you click on the shot you’ll be taken to a larger version of it (looks nothing much here).

In a similar sadistic vein I came up with this—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.16.53

—and The Spouse reckons I should hate myself. Hah! Don’t stop me now, dammit … one last one for you, then I’m off for a shower and a mug of hot choccie stuffs we haven’t tried before. Here ’tis, the Forces of Nature as never you’ve seen them—

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 19.10.08

—duck prints in the mud. I’ve seen (photos of) dinosaur tracks and stone-age man tracks (fossilised) in estuary muds just like this. It’s entirely possible that due to the F of N this bunch of tracks may still be here in a few thousand (or million) years time.

Make of it what you will. Mother Nature can be a forceful vixen when aroused and you disturb her at your peril. (You too may end up as a premature image on a tombstone if not careful) …





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  1. That last statement made me spit all over my phone, an involuntary reaction sometimes to your unswerving sarcasm my dearest Argie. 🙂
    I do love your reflection shots, even if you are trying to addle my already addled grey brain cells through your acts of deception. Though being no sheep it is mighty hard to pull the wool over my eyes unless my eyes are subject to freezing temperatures. Your swan shot if turned 90 degrees to the right looks like a silhouette of two two-horned beast, I believe I noted this in a previous duck shot of yours, good thing it’s not duck hunting season…
    That hanger shot of yours above is very masterful and quite clever, I like it a lot!
    You have a very aeronautic theme to your post this week. Unfortunately my contribution the week’s challenge is still on the back-burner. Not sure I have the urge to be so clever right at this moment. Like you said, it’s a toughie.

    • Argus

       /  May 11, 2015

      Dammit. Already this buzzing brain (?) had forgotten what it had posted and had to rabbit back through the ‘history’ pages to find it … too busy trying to re-theme some off my blogs and sort ’em into sense. (Don’t wait up, it may take a wee while … )

      Glad you like it.

      I’d already noted (and trimmed for posting, but decided I lacked the room) the two-headed swanny beasts—thanks to you (I now see ’em everywhere). My next post will be to that effect on Ragnarok Or Bust if I can ever figure out how to change the theme without getting that horrible beep-beep-betty-boop thing …

      • You’re welcome for the imagery of the horned beasts…
        Good luck with the beep-beep-betty-boop thing, flippin’ annoying. I bypass it completely by going the long-winded way round. It suits me just fine to do that. Not sure what I’ll do though if they get rid of the classic dash altogether. Hopefully the WP gurus, volunteers or not will exercise better sense.

      • Argus

         /  May 17, 2015

        If they pull the plug I’m off full-time to Blogger, or Weebly, or Thoughts where I’ve already planted some seeds. Just in case.

      • I can’t say I blame you. I was looking at alternative sites myself recently. Maybe I should take it a little more seriously and invest my efforts elsewhere too.

      • Argus

         /  May 17, 2015

        Please let us know where you go if you go.

      • Of course I shall. You too!

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