BECAUSE ‘crank’ often means ‘open-minded’.


‘Flat-earthers’ need not apply, but I adore Conspiracy Theorism.


“Nothing,” The Sage says darkly, “is impossible. It’s

just that some things are more improbable than others.” 



Like printing a gun, flying to the moon and back …


calls for faith. The craft of medicine can stitch wounds and swap hearts and other sundries—but can it cure a cold?


were triggered by a blog I responded to recently, a sufferer from FM (fibromyalgia). It reminded me of what was known once in NZ as ‘Tapanui flu’; a brief flurry of research produced the article ref’d below—

… convinced that there was something there in Tapanui – was it in the environment? … was it in people’s bodies?

… One of the aspects of the research that puzzled Jackie was that no matter what triggers for M.E. she studied – chemical, viral, dietary, stress, or radiation – all had much the same effect on the immune system. The fact that the results were the same suggests that a similar mechanism was involved …

Jackie noted that many people in Tapanui come from a Scottish background. The Celts in particular appear to have poor antioxidant defences. The vitamin C in their bodies seems to be damaged very readily by free radicals so they need enormous amounts of vitamin C. This may be due to the selenium status which is very important in vitamin C and antioxidant protection. The soil in Scotland is very low in selenium and trace elements …

read more:  LINK 


the Otago and Southland provinces were primarily settled (after the Maori) by the Scots. The Scottish heritage and influence is quite noticeable; and NZ soils are very deficient in selenium (and others).

The author seems to suggest that ‘Root-Cause Analysis’ could be better invoked and applied. This alone makes her a crank in any field where the Establishment—

  • is God, and
  • has sole monopoly on deciding what is Truth




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